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How to get your Products featured in a Magazine

Your Step-by-Step Guide

I almost feel like I shouldn't be telling you the things I've included in this guide!

Get your products in front of the right people - for the best chance of seeing them in print.

Insider knowledge, here we come!



Start here for picture perfect images

The must-do first step before putting your product out into the world. Define your visual aesthetic and get clear on what product photography you need to have, to create trust, recognition and clarity with your audience... leading to more sales (wahoo!).


The Product Photography Playbook

The Signature Course

This is it! I created The Product Photography Playbook for the product based business owner who wants to take control of the own Product Imagery, plus save money and time in the process.

You don't have to have any photography or technical skills to complete this course. I walk you through everything, so by the end you'll feel in control, confident and inspired to make your own Product Photography for your business. 


Level up your product photography 

With private coaching and bespoke guidance

Looking for a personalised plan for your Product Imagery? Then let's chat!

 Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a professional Product Stylist, but you're not ready to book an entire photo shoot? Then this is for you!

"Paige was amazing in helping me with our Product Photography. She understood the product offering and how to perfectly capture the essence of our site. I would highly recommend a coaching call with Paige" - Melissa, Beau Hunting


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