website imagery that'll make your site crash...

from all the views it'll get ;)

the website package

So you’ve worked tirelessly on creating an amazing product, your website is being built as we speak and you are almost ready to launch… well now it’s time to show off all that hard work through gorgeous imagery!

The power of visuals can’t be emphasised enough. They communicate in seconds what you’re all about, who you are and what your dream customer can expect from you. So you have to be ready with imagery that is professional, relevant and down right bangin’.

This website package is ideal for you if you’re rebranding or launching your business for the first time as I will start the process from scratch with you. 

This includes artistic direction, styling, photography and editing… all created to fit within your website design. I'll create a cohesive feel for your site that will add a level of professionalism and clarity that will have customers knocking your online door down!


find consistency, save time and get in the game  



Streamline your visual story and help your customers clearly understand who you are in seconds. Your website will be the jumping off point to creating cohesive imagery throughout your whole business. 



How's your to-do list looking? Yeah I thought so. And it should be packed, you're a business owner! Time to outsource your imagery so you can actually work on your work. 



It's a judgey world out there, and people are quick to decide if they like your offer or not based on how you present it. Show them you mean business with professional images that pitch for you. 


so how does it work?

After an initial consultation, where we discuss themes, colours and how your images will be used, I map out the creative direction for your photo shoot. This includes creating a consistent visual story for the images and the overall feel for the shoot.

I then source props and  backgrounds, and if the shoot is a larger scale I may also collaborate with another photographer and find a location, whatever is needed to make sure you get the most out of the day. I then polish the shot list to ensure everything is set for the shoot day.

On the day, along with styling the images, I direct the team and focus on creating images that fit perfectly into your website or blog. 

Price is dependent on the scale of the shoot, and we can work together to make sure it fits within your budget. 


three steps and you're all set


step ONE

After filling in a quick questionnaire so I can learn more about your brand we jump on a call or Skype to clarify the direction your imagery will head in.   

step TWO

I then put together a mood board and shot list so you can get a feel of what the final visuals will look like. You then pack up your products and send them to me.  

step THREE

After shooting I send your products back to you and your images are sent to you via dropbox. Ready to download and add to your website.