brand styling that

makes your product the star

custom made images created just for you

social media package

Are you struggling to keep up with creating images for your social media content? Or do you feel that your instagram feed just isn’t showing how fantastic your product truly is? Then this option is for you. 

Whether it’s content for facebook, your instagram feed or stories, visuals play a vital roll. You have mere seconds to attract a customers attention as they scroll or flick past your image… so let’s grab them!

A consistent visual story for your business helps people relate and engage with you faster, creating a memorable and welcoming brand.

So let me create images that will have your instagram feed kicking goals while you’re free to focus on your business.  I make the process super simple, just three easy steps and you're on your way.

The social media package includes 20 custom created images starting from just $950!




Fill out my short questioner to determine colour, style and artistic direction.

I use your already existing brand aesthetic to ensure consistency between your website, packaging and social media.



Send me your product and I create a collection of 20 gorgeous images.

A combination of straight product shots and complimentary lifestyle shots create the perfect brand story.



Your products are sent back to you and your images are delivered through drop box.

The images are ready to download and use straight away!