Before you create your own product photos
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Your guide to creating a product photo mood board that tells your brand story and leads to more sales


Define your aesthetic and be inspired to create imagery that connects and ultimately make more sales!


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Just as we create personal mood boards to map out our dreams for the year or envision our desires on special days, crafting a product photo mood board ignites that same magic for your brand.

Think of it as your brand's vision board - a place where your products come alive, telling their story through visuals. This mood board isn't just about images; it's your guide, your roadmap, your manifestation tool for a brand that speaks volumes. 

Module 1

Essential Product Images

Discover the must-have product images vital for your business and get crystal-clear on what product photos you need. Craft your personalised shot list and explore mood boards created by other product businesses for inspired visual storytelling. 

Module 2

Pinterest for Your Visual Brand

Uncover unconventional ways to define your brand's look using Pinterest, creating a unique brand aesthetics that captivates your audience. Learn how to use this visual search engine to your advantage to streamline your visual style to stand out in your market. 

Module 3

Colour Clarity for Product Photos

Learn to choose product photo specific colours that complement your product and ensure continuity no matter where your customer interacts with you. Create a complete colour palette that will save you time and decision fatigue when making your product imagery. 

Module 4

Crafting Your Brand's Mood Board

Time to bring it all together and create your brand's visual compass—the mood board.  Say hello to clear visual direction and a unified brand voice in every shot, no matter whether you're creating the images yourself or you've hired a professional. You'll understand how to use your mood board effectively for consistent and impactful product visuals. 

 This mini course will take you from feeling stressed, unorganised and unsure of what product photos to even make ~

To feeling organised, inspired and in control of your imagery. You'll have a visual plan and be ready to create!

Grab your spot inside Picture Perfect today

One-Time Payment $79 AUD


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-Deborah, minimink

Grab your spot inside Picture Perfect today

One-Time Payment $79 AUD