get your instagram feed looking professional, curated and smokin'

with this personalised image audit

it's make over time!

I understand that when you're starting out you may not be ready to hire someone to create your images for you... but you're tired of your instagram feed looking messy and not truely representative of who you are. If that sounds like you then you're in the right place. Let's get you all set up to kick this social media game in the butt. 


No fancy equipment or experience necessary, I'll break everything down step by step so you can feel confident in making your images yourself. As much as I love the creative side of styling, I also love the science behind creating the perfect image and what exactly makes a group of images appealing. And now I get to share that knowledge with you, and I can't wait!  


take the stress out of what to post with a customised plan just for you 



Get clear on who you are talking to with your images by defining who your dream customer is.



Feel organised and on top of your feed with an easy to follow content plan and personalised props list.



Save time by planning and creating your images ahead of time. No more last minute scramble to post.

Get your personalised instagram audit from $275


Subject to availability, Terms and Conditions apply



A 30 minute power planning phone call with me. Ask me anything and we'll nut out exactly what you want to achieve with your instagram game plan.


After our phone call I'll put together a personalised artistic direction plan just for you. This will include a detailed props list to support your product, your own customised colour pallet and my 'define your dream client' check list. As well as...


A 12 square image and caption prompt plan. As someone scrolls through your feed they experience it 12 squares at a time, so having this block of images planned out and consistent will set you on the path to success!


I will take you step by step through creating 3 different styles of instagram images that you can customise over and over again to have your feed overflowing with amazing images.